Advantages of wearing Moonga Gemstone


Moonga is a red colored gemstone which has great reverence in astrological field. Red coral is considered as the gemstone of the planet Mars. Unlike other gemstones, Coral is not a mined stone. The Coral gemstone is an organically formed stone which is found deep in the sea. Moonga is popular because of its wide variety of benefits on the wearer. Moonga stone is majorly worn by people who are suffering from Mangal Dosha in their horoscope. Moonga helps in nullifying negative effects of Mangal in one’s horoscope.

Characteristics of Moonga Gemstone:

  • One can buy moonga stone online from any of the renowned sellers by checking the lab certifications for authenticity. Only an authentic gemstone will have astrological significance.
  • The Coral Stone is available in many shapes such as round and oval.
  • If the wearer has Mars at a beneficial position in the horoscope, they can wear coral to gain maximum benefits.

Benefits of wearing Coral gemstone:

  • The gemstone can be highly beneficial for people who are suffering from mental issues or blood diseases.
  • Moonga also helps in boosting the self-confidence of the wearer.
  • It is also believed that moonga offers mental as well as physical strength to the wearer.
  • It offers protection from evil spirits and enemies with malice intentions.
  • The coral gemstone is packed with healing energy which helps in combating health issues such as bone marrow making the bones strong.
  • It can also help in issues such as brain tumor and breast cancer.
  • Mangal dosha is said to obstruct the marriage of the wearer. Wearing Moonga can help in materializing the marriage prospects.
  • Couples who have an issue in conceiving can also consult an astrologer and benefit from the coral gemstone.

Which coral stone to Buy?

  • The gemstone should weigh at least 1/10th in carat of the total body weight of the wearer and should be deep red to orange in color as well as free from chemical treatments.
  • Italian Red Corals are said to be the best Coral stones.

About Neelam Gemstone

Blue Sapphire, a precious stone also known as Neelam, is one of the most effective and powerful gemstones of all. Neelam is considered as Rashi Ratna of Capricorn, and it is said to strengthen the planet Saturn. It brings prosperity, wealth, confidence and sharpness of mind in the wearer.

Benefits of Neelam:

  • The stone brings fortune, auspiciousness, and luck in life.
  • It is extremely helpful for business and trade.
  • It offers good health and strengthens legs, hair, and knee of the wearer.
  • Neelam is beneficial for Judges and Lawyers.
  • It also helps in nullifying the malice effects of Saturn.

Original Neelam stone price varies from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 200000 per carat. It is essential to buy natural gemstone which is spotless and free from chemical treatments. The price of the stone depends on the quality which is determined in terms of cut, clarity, and weight. The shape of stone has nothing to do with astrological benefits.

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Mistakes Of Managing Multi-Vendor Projects In Software Development Company

software development company

Be proactive, not reactive” is certainly the most appropriate phrase used when discussing how to best deal with mistakes. And the idea, of course, emphasizes on ways to prevent mistakes right before they occur. However, there many companies around who wish to grow their operations but at the same time, they hesitate to upgrade themselves to a multi-sourced environment. Now a software development company, be it small scale or big entity comprises of a wide range of roles and responsibilities such as: writing new pages and updating old ones, designers make layouts, developers build the backend and testers find bugs and return code which needs to be rewritten and of course, each of these tasks comes with a pre-determined deadline and a unique vision of what the end results should be like. A multi-vendor project is quite a challenge, isn’t it?

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Outsource JQuery Developers To Add Interactive Charts Or Graphs

outsource jquery developers

Today every business relies on data analysis for making important decisions. And presentations is one of the easiest methods of making others understand the raw data of your business but not everyone has the same understanding of data. So what can be done is, start making an effective use of charts. Yes, charts and graphs are one of the best tools for an accurate as well as interactive Dataviz (Data visualization). Here in the following post, I have put in the effort to dig through the plethora of options for chart plugins that can be used by a team of outsourcing jQuery developers these days.

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A Quick Guide To Picking The Right Swimwear For Your Summer Getaway


Hunting for the best swimwear this summer season? You don’t just look at the colors and patterns when you shop. You want something that would flatter all your curves and would emphasize the things you love about your body (and conceal your least favorite parts). At the end of the day, you want to look and feel great in your own skin.

With this, it’s nice to steal some hacks and ideas:

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The Growth of the Security and Surveillance Market in India

  • Security and Surveillance

In today’s world one cannot contemplate being able to lead a contented life free from all worries without meeting all the necessary aspects of security and surveillance. This requirement is felt in India perhaps more than just about any other country globally. The reasons are well known to all. India is right now in one of the most dangerous areas of the world. With Pakistan next door and a continuous chain of terrorists practically streaming into India from our west as well as the north from Occupied Kashmir, we need to ensure that all our sensitive areas are fully protected with the latest equipment in security and surveillance. If the vulnerable area needs it we will have to use the best equipment marketed by the perimeter security solutions manufacturer. If the vulnerable point demands it we will use the latest in Anti-terror Security & Access Control Systems. Our choice will be guided solely by threat perception. Fortunately, there is a fair growth in the security and surveillance market in India.

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Three Ways To Reduce Chlorine Levels In Your Pool For A Healthier Swim

Swimming pool

Chlorine is a disinfectant that makes a swimming pool safe – or does it?

While it’s true that chlorine helps get rid of harmful contaminants and microorganisms, it may not be as safe as we thought it would be.

As chlorine levels go higher, the water becomes more toxic to humans. Breathing problems, skin infection, eye irritation, and hair damage are just some adverse effects of chlorine. Wearing high-quality swimming equipment, like swimwears, swim caps, and goggles may not be adequate for protection since you could get sick by merely inhaling the chlorine fumes.

A rule of thumb: If you can smell the strong chlorine odor in the pool area and if the water makes your eyes sting, it means the concentration is quite high, and thus unsafe. If you own and maintain a swimming pool at home, read on to know how you can lower your pool chlorine levels while still keeping the pool free of contaminants.

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Is There A Pill for Manufacturing Companies to Get Rid of The IT Implementation Headache?

3d small person - businessman with briefcase running in gear wheel. 3d image. Isolated white background.

The new-technology wave that hit the US industries the previous decade had a lot do with changing the system format. Manufacturing companies discarded their legacy systems for more efficient cloud-based, cross-platform, and device-agnostic frameworks, which would easily sync them with partners and customers in real time. The companies cut costs of data storage and unwieldy administration by a considerable margin, and made seamless connectivity a reality.

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Bengaluru Realty Tops the Best Practices Ranking

In a survey that has been conducted recently, Bengaluru developers take 4 out of top 5 as well as 7 out of top 20 spots in terms of the 10 real estate “best practice” parameters, transparency in deals and functional professionalism. The other parameters include fiscal management, execution and consumer connect. Numerous top notch real estate companies have been ranked high in this survey. This was a study that was carried out by Track2Realty, the independent Delhi-based research institute and think-tank group. The study is totally first of its kind and presents an accurate account of the efficiency of real estate developers in the country. The reports have been made after closely examining 100 leading developers based in different parts of the country. All the respondents were educated professionals and lived in luxury, mid-segment and/or affordable houses. The survey results are based on the responses of 10000 individuals and focuses on practice, perception, process and performance.

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How to Celebrate a 50th Birthday


A 50TH birthday is a major milestone in your life. You need not depend on friends or family for throwing a birthday party. You deserve to organize a celebration by yourself.

There might also arise a situation wherein you may want to throw a party in addition to one thrown by friends and family. There are absolutely no rules; after all, it is your special day.

You can turn this milestone of hitting half a century special with some thoughtful birthday ideas. Apart from birthday cake online shopping, here are a few popular 50th birthday ideas:

For Her

  • Scrap book party:

When organizing such a party, your invite must be formal with a set of instructions. All those who are invited must contribute an event, a memory or funny story regarding the birthday girl. They must be urged to bring along a few pictures as well as some keepsakes which will work on the pages of a ‘scrap book’. At the end of the party, the birthday girl will be gifted with a scrapbook to which all the invitees have contributed.

  • Girls’ weekend:

Get the birthday girl to ring up a few of her girlfriends and organize a girl’s day out at the spa or anywhere that they can let down their hair. Has the girly gang dreamof a day at the beach with pure fun or to hit a much popular tourist spot for some adventure? The perfect chance to splurge on such experiences is the 50th birthday when you can celebrate and live it up.

For Him

  • Golfing or fishing getaway:

Get the birthday boy to round up a bunch of best buddies and depending on his and their interest, organize a golfing or fishing getaway. If he is not into both fishing and golfing, go in for sports, racing or any other favourite activity. The gang of boys must be able to take off for a weekend to a spot where they can do their own thing.

  • Casino night:

In case, the birthday boy is huge fan of James Bond flicks, you can organize a party themed on casinos. This is a great way to celebrate a 50th birthday and also spawns the idea of organizing the event at a local casino. This is a great way to involve friends and family in some interesting betting and playing.

For Either:

  • Go sky diving:

Are you an adventure junkie? Are you a bit crazier than your friends? Does your list of adventures include high adrenaline activities? If the answer to any of these is yes, the perfect way to celebrate a 50th birthday is to jump off a plane. You could do this along with your spouse or friends. Whatever be the way, do remember to catch it on film for always cherishing the memories.

  • Dinner or lunch date:

A great way to celebrate is something as ordinary as organizing a lunch or dinner date for eating at a favourite restaurant. You must order birthday cakes online to round up the party.

These are some interesting ideas to celebrate your 50th birthday centring on your happiness. After all, it is your special day!

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Pocket Friendly Methods to Decorate your House


Having a well-planned decor for one’s home is a wish for many, but that plan hits rock bottom when costs surrounding it are discussed with an appropriately labelled interior designer. The association of a well-rounded look for your home might be with a fat cheque linked to your bank account, but that fact has long been termed as a myth.

With the advent of internet and the various websites we can find in one of the many search engines, information, any and every, have become accessories inside our smart phones. In the age we have stepped in, experts term the habit of custom creating a decor, in everyone’s finger tips, or as put correctly, just a click away.

So how can we make our abodes a work of art? One of the tips suggested by stalwarts states, intelligent use of colours in contrast with the use of abstract and clean shapes is a clever way to accentuate any kind of room type. It’s not just the colour we choose as per our liking, the colour should sit in a certain way depending on the reflection of natural or artificial light to bring in a desired ambience to the space. Architects of the recent villa projects in Bangalore design the shape and structure of any given room in ways that will allow its new owners to use their imaginations to give a unique identity to each quadrant of their living space.

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